Singer Songwriter, Larysa Jaye, brings a twist to

the Country/Americana Music scene. 

Larysa Jaye is a performer of enormous talent, heart and spirit. Her music defies categorization, and no wonder; she drives that beautiful voice anywhere…authentically into almost any musical genre because she was steeped in all of them. And then there’s Larysa’s utterly superb songwriting. Uplifting, sometimes wry and unflinching, soulful, thought provoking and always eloquent. 
She is a joy!
Ellen Pryor - Director of Communications, Frist Art Museum

Larysa is an artist I love to book because she is always up for the task! Large or small, she comes with a God-given gift of a voice that always moves the audience!
Eric Holt - Co-Founder, LoveNoise

Larysa Jaye has struck gold again!

Listen to her take on this John Denver classic

Larysa's fearlessness to tackle any genre has led her here. A failed song request has turned into a single release. Always a crowd favorite, and now you can listen to it at the push of a button. Specifically, the one below. Enjoy!

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