About Larysa Jaye...

Larysa Jaye is a Nashville-based soul artist who synthesizes a broad range of influences in her performances. Her eclectic style reaches every person in the room regardless of background or music preference. It's not only her "girl next door" feel that draws her audience in, but her captivating stage presence commands an entire room's undivided attention. Larysa's ability to seamlessly flow from genre to genre without losing the essence of her pure artistry that we all love has earned her an impressive and loyal following.

As a little girl growing up in Kansas City, KS, Larysa's influences ranges from various Christian artists such as Carman, Fred Hammond, Helen Baylor, and Out of Eden. While growing older and exploring different music her attention shifted to legendary R&B performers and vocal powerhouses such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, & Mary J Blige.  Her musical curiosity didn't stop there.  After her family relocated to Nashville, its rich community of singer/songwriters became another focus in her journey to learning who she is an artist.

Nashville really became a place of growth and development.  Larysa has performed all over the city alongside great talent. Being able to rub elbows and learn from great songwriters, producers, and performers such as Danny Gokey, Russ Taff, Mr Talkbox (24K Magic) and many others Larysa has crafted an unique sound that has set her apart stylistically.  Her roots in Nashville has earned her trust and respect among many of her colleagues.  She's helped in booking for various music opportunities from RCA studio recordings with Universal on Music Row, to new artist music coming out of Dark Horse Recording sessions, and many other venues that are continuously in need of talent.

Recently being released from contract with WE TV, Larysa Jaye has been able to focus on her music and released her first ep, Love Me Down.  Larysa was recently featured on GRITS new ep release Saint & Sinners song, "We Grow Old" - featuring herself and Sir Kevin Max from DC Talk.  She also helped co-write other songs coming out on their new album as well.

As a songwriter, Larysa takes different aspects of her everyday life as a wife, mother, and even just being a woman to write songs that hit home for anyone who listens.